Are You Making These Township Hack Mistakes?

Township Free Extra Storage
Make use of the Market as Extra Safe-keeping. Barn space and building products are my restricting factors you can use the market as extra storage.Image result for Township Hack

Upgrade Zoo Properties!
Zoo can be improved to boost their attributes! To check the list of upgrades, simply go to one of your Tiergarten buildings and tap the arrow button at the bottom right-hand corner. The window with the set of upgrades will pop-up immediately!

Township Friends Advantages
As you add friends in to the game, you get extra boxes in the Marketplace. These are convenient to buy needed products. This can help you with your trains and your plane as well as your customers purchases. Some players buy stuff in the Market to help their friends too.
Having friends means you will notice their help request and, by filling these ask for, get a clover. With 5 clovers you get to play the Home of Luck.
Having friends means that they see your own request for help. Handy to send back train and airplane faster.
Tip: You can use the GameHunters. Membership Township Add Me Webpage to add more friends or join the list so people can add you.

The game show a maximum of 3 hundred friends. You can have as much friends you want on Facebook, Game Center or Google, Windows sometimes will not show in what you like all the time. Don’t neglect to take into bank account your in-game friends. Your friends will still see you in their game.

Tip: If your “invisible” friends help you, they will show in your “recent helpers” tab.

Adding Friend with the Township Hack tool & Cheats Get Unlimited Free Cash & Coins 2018 internal system

This is the least difficult way to add friends in your game. It doesn’t add anyone to your social media. An individual are limited to fifty friends with that system. You can have up to 10 invitations at the same time.

Just click on the Friends button on the lower right, click the “Find Friends” tab, choose of the people there you want to play with and click on the “Invite” button. The player will now show up in the 2th tab (Envelope). As soon as the other player acknowledge your invitation, he may move to your friend area.
You may receive invite from the other players which you will have to accept if you need to add them to your pals. If you don’t want to add the player in your friends, click on the By (top left corner).

Ways to get Friends on Android

Have the person friend you on Facebook and send a invite.
Within in the app, go to the Friends Icon on the bottom left and click. At the bottom you will see, “Invide Friends”. Click on that. That will give you ways to friend other players. One is to click on: Generate me a code. Then give that code to other people or input other players code there. It’s actually pretty easy.

Township Good friend Code
Adding friend with the new code

In case you already have 55 friends from within the game, this code won’t work. Playrix is aware of that. I don’t know if this will change in the foreseeable future.

Generating Township Friend Code:

Go to the Friends section
Click on the Buddies Tab
Click on the “Invite Friends” button in the bottom border
In the new window, click on the second button along with your code will be produce.
To Add a Friend that gave you his Township Code:

Go to the friends segment
Click on the Close friends Tab
Click on the Invite Friends button at the bottom
Click on the green Enter button
On the new display, enter the code directed at you and click on the check mark.
Adding Township Friend Tips:

Upon ALL social system, before adding another player into your game, you have to accept them as friend into the social system.
BEFORE posting your name, make sure that strangers can send you requests. If the settings are on “private” nobody will find you. Go check your settings in your social media system.
BEFORE publishing your name, do a search on the name you want to post. How many people with that same name do you see? That is what the other players will see. Please give some idea about how people can identify you. An outline of your avatar is helpfull ONLY if you keep the same one for a long period. If you change it every couple of days, it is useless.

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